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                 HELPLINE - J NAIR -    07960263495

                 EXAM DAY HELPLINE -07572282510/07903993787


Congratulations on taking up the UUKMA-Tutorwaves Year 6 Challenge!

Attending the test is an easy process. However, we wanted to make sure that you are very well informed about the procedure.

We hope the below will help you.

  1. How will I access the testing platform?

    • You will receive an email  with a link at 12:25 pm from support team with the subject line as "Test open for attempting"

    • Log in using the ID and Password

  2. What will be my ID and password?

    • Your ID is the registered email ID:

    • Password is the registered mobile number:

  3. How will I start answering?

    • As soon as you log in using the above credentials you will see the instructions and questions. You can start answering one by one.

  4. How can I write the answers?

    • For multiple-choice questions, you can select from the given options[make sure you scroll down enough to see all the options-mostly up to option E]

    • For others, you can write using your keyboard[text or numerical]

  5. How should I proceed after attempting each question?

    • Below the question and the options/ answers on the right side bottom, you will see the "NEXT" button

    • Click NEXT and move to the next question

  6. What if I want to go back to a previous question?

    • On the left side bottom, you will see "Jump to question". It is better that you revisit previous questions only after attempting all the 50 questions.

  7. What if I feel one question is taking more time, and I want to revisit later?

    • Well. You can use the 'Save for Future' option.

    • If you are doubtful of an answer you have the 'Mark for Review" option as well

  8. What should I do after completing the 50th question?

    • Use jump to questions to answer any unanswered questions, or to check any or all the answers-if time permits

    • Come to the 50th after all are done, and then if you are sure that you are done with, click on the "SUBMIT" button on the top right side

  9. When will I get the results?

    • Wait for a moment after you submit. Your results with analysis and correct answers with a detailed explanation will be available on your screen instantly.

    • Don't worry at all. You get an opportunity to improve, wherever you are.

  10. Any queries Please call 07960263495

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